My Trip In San Francisco!

Hello everybody!

I introduce myself, I am Josué GENTEUIL, I am 21 years old and I am at present in 3rd year in a business school in Bordeaux. Fascinated by the music, the football and especially the innovation, I made the decision to leave making an academic half-year in San Francisco to discover of new earth.

On second thought, I decided to dash for the first time in the conquest of the United States! And for it I decided begun with San Francisco! In the optics to share you my experience, I am going to make you discover my various visits throughout my journey.


My Trip In San Francisco!

Golden Gate Bridge 

Impossible to go to San Francisco not to go to see the famous Golden Gate Bridge!

In my arrived in San Francisco, I had a single idea, to see the bridge  » Orange International  » which I often see on the television. To travel the bridge, with friends we decided to rent bikes for neighborhood 30 dollar by bike and for day. It was very long because the total length is 2 737 meters and its height is 227 meters, it is impressive! The bridge rereads San Francisco and the North of the bay (Sausalito, Napa Valley).



Situated in the center of San Francisco between Financial District, Russian Hill and North Beach, Chinatown is a charming and very tourist district.

To be honest with you it is the most impressive Chinatown whom I saw until now. He is filled with history because it is the biggest Chinatown outside Asia and the oldest of the United States.

The Painted Ladies

A passage is obliged Steiner Street, just next to Alamo Square to see houses American  » Painted Ladie  » generic name indicating the houses of victorian and Edwardian style. Since Alamo Square we can picnic while admiring these beautiful houses.


Lombard Street

Having heard a lot on the Lombard Street, I decided to go there to see about what it was and I was amazed to see this sinuous and very sloping street. I learnt afterward that she was also known on the name of  » the most sinuous road of the United States « . It is a place to be visited because he is quite unique. By taking Cable Car I had the possibility of having a beautiful view on San Francisco while seeing of top the Lombard Street.



Districts In San Francisco

With the aim of helping you in the choice of your future accommodation in San Francisco I had the idea to give you some piece of advice and some information with knowledges. San Francisco is a very beautiful city but as everywhere there are places to be avoided. Today I go onc to speak to you districts advised is districts to be avoided at all costs!

Districts to be avoided

Tenderloin /Civic Center :

In the city centre but really to avoid. Given drugs, SDF, traffickers and madmen are every day met. Streets are dirty, the flights and the manslaughters are legion.

6th, 7th & 8th :

These nearby streets of Tenderloin and Market Street, are in avoid at all costs!


The advised districts

Sunset and Richmond:

residential area, it is here that families settle down. Outside the « city center », the prices are much more affordable and you have the advantage to be next to Golden Gate Park.


Acronyme for South of Market, former industrial district transformed into offices and lofts. The latter were tastefully settled and make a really nice accommodation for the couples. If you work in the computing you will have strong chances to live next to the office, most of the start-up being here! The station Caltrain being also there, many people who work in the South of Bay in Palo Alto and Moutain View chooses to live here. However the price lists of housing with SOMA are very high and the district died in the evening and weekend.


Le city center in itself is not really great exciting to live, but you will have access in quite quickly, being a central point for the public transportation (Bart, Cable Car, Tramway, Bus). Nearby on foot; mocked Town, Little Italy, Soma, Embarcadero. Something really painful is the atmosphere of supermarket, it is thus necessary to filter in on small grocer’s shops of the corner.


Japan town:

Another Asian district, this time populated with Japanese communities and Korean. You will find stores with imported products there, Fillmore street is a street with bars and restaurants, more you go northward for the prices climb. The surroundings are really nice to explore, it is a good compromise between closenesses of the center, price and atmosphere.

Nob hill:

Nob hill is relatively spread, it is a district where there are many of the old high rises, it is a compromise to be near the city center in less dear. I find the heart of really dead and underserved Nob Hill in public transportation.

nob hill 500x241


A typical districts of San Francisco, here finds itself the gays (for the ladies, the lesbians, that will belong to Bernal Heights). A dégantée atmosphere, bars and restaurants and cosys coffees, on Market street very well harmed(served) in public transportation, a really nice district to be lived. Here still the prices are very high due to the demand.

Mission district:

Mission is a nice district to be lived, you will find a Hispanic dynamic atmosphere there, bars and restaurants are on every street corner. It is a great place to have dinner or party. You can also appreciate(estimate) colors cleared(released) by the district among others via the numerous graffiti.


Thank you for having looked at my blog, I hope that it pleased you. Bye for now!

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