Soon the end of my trip to San Francisco!

During this journey I learned a lot on San Francisco and this famous American dream. Thanks to this experience of three months, I was able to visited almost all the parts of San Francisco. As you know, when i arrived in San Francisco, I was to live between Castro and Mission. That is between the Mexican district and the gay district. I lived there for a month then I moved in down town in a hostel.

The fact of living in this hostel allows me to meet people coming from several different countries and to improve my English on a daily basis. Now that I live in down town, I was able to visit several places as Baker Beach, mocked Town, Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 and its seals etc. As I am someone who likes partying, I was in several nightclub and nice bar makes more sense to say you visited several nightclubs and bars. I also visited Alcatraz, it was incredible. Having crossed the Golden Gate Bridge by bicycle over to Saussalito to visit the city.

On the professional level, the school allowed us of to go to see a baseball match to Oakland and to visit down town. During this visit we stopped for to eat in a very good Chinese restaurant situated to China Town.
I also made meetup on the applications, digital marketing, the digital music because I am passionate about music and on the innovation at the university of San Francisco. In my program I had to make 3D printing, it consisted in modelling a wished object and the printed matter to TechShop. Therefore, I created a small announcer for iPhone. Before coming to San Francisco, I had already heard spoken about TechShop but I had it I never really seen. I was really impressed by the inventions which we can realize.
I also learnt to code during this half-year and now I know how to create a Web site! Thanks to various occurring professional who came to the school (desing thinking, desing marketing, Renault, Yelp etc.) I was able to understand works him companies in San Francisco as well as the world of strat-up. We also visited the siege of Yelp.

If I had to choose between San Francisco and Bordeaux, I would choose without hesitating San Francisco for the open-mindedness of the citizens and highly-rated multicultural sound but unfortunately the laws are not the same that in France.
In the United States, the government and the laws are different. The job security and the health are subjects which are differently seen.
What most disappointed me, it is the quality of food sold and their prices. The life in San Francisco is dearer than in France.

Thanks to all these activities I really improved my vocabulary in English. Interested in the innovation, I developed ideas of start-up which I will not tell you!
In addition to that, I like very much the marketing. Thus for my future I would like to work in the marketing at first and if I have the opportunity to create my own company, I will.


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